International Student Program

Are you looking to come to Canada? Do you like experiencing different cultures, amazing people, and beautiful sights? If yes, Vancouver is the place to be. Join us at the Supernal Arts Academy and diversify your outlook on art, people, and life. The sky is the limit and the opportunities, endless. Are you aware of the countless number of stunning places that exist in Vancouver? Have you explored the vast mountains, forests, lakes, and tourist spots around you? Students are encouraged to explore Vancouver and use the city to inspire their artwork. Art is a powerful form of creative expression that can change one’s perspective on life and allow one to see the world on a more intimate level. Art gives us energy and we encourage you to engage with your surroundings and use the environment as inspiration to create art and capture the city’s aura. Essentially, art defines the city; art gives the city a personality and a voice, and we want our students to expand that personality and contribute to that voice. Our programs are focused on Illustration and Painting. In no time, students can receive their diploma in Illustration, certificate in Illustration, and/or certificate in Painting. We also offer classes in meditative art, photography, and life drawing. Come to Supernal Arts, unleash your inner artist, and truly become a part of the city.

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