Thank you for visiting our page. The Canadian Arts and Sciences Institute is looking to gather historical documents, research papers, and evidence on the topics of history, art, culture, lifestyle, and the development of the Gastown neighborhood. We appreciate any form of participation and contribution from the community that would add value to this project. If you are willing to participate please email us with information regarding your area of interest and include the type of contribution that you are able to make. Your contribution can be made in various forms, for example, you can provide a piece of writing, research papers, images, and documents that are preferably your own, or you can be more actively involved and volunteer your time and skills to the project. We will review and consider each contribution based on the artistic value, relevance, historical significance, validity of evidence, and references of each piece.

Special Considerations:

Please name your files using the template ContributorName_01 where the number indicates the intended viewing order. Archive or compress your files into a ZIP file and use the template Email your contributions, interests, or inquiries to .




The Canadian Arts and Sciences Institute started the “Gastown Project” in October 2015 aiming to create and curate a body of work that documents the artistic, sociocultural, and historical significance of Gastown. This beautiful neighborhood is a national historic site located in the heart of Vancouver, BC. This project started with a visual study of the area through scheduled outdoor photography sessions and today, we have gathered an outstanding collection of images that will remain in the project portfolio for years to come. Taking this a step further, the project’s goal is to re-live the history of Gastown and cherish its new being. It has been reported that Gastown owes its survival to the activism of a group of dedicated citizens in the 1960’s when all talks revolved around demolishing the area. This project will document the face of Gastown and its variation through time and what better means to achieve this than with the language of art. Building on the collaboration and contributions of the community, this project will eventually be published as a nationally valuable and picturesque book with credits to the city of Vancouver.



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