Program Duration: 26 Weeks/288 Hours


Brief Course Description:

The first section of this class will be dedicated to learning the preliminary skills of illustration. Students will learn how to work with different mediums such as soft and oil pastel, marker, and pencil. Students will also learn how to work with computer illustration programs. Once students have learnt these basic skills, they will move on to choosing an age category that their work will be created for (3-7, 7-12, 12-16, 16-18, and adult). Students will learn character development and plot writing. The method used within story development and background drawing is one that is in sync with the character itself. Students will learn to visualize and create each element of the story based on the main characters in order to create consistency with their work. Later, students will be ready to work within their own stylistic preference such as fantasy, non-fiction, or comic book.
We provide guidance and career training as students excel within the field of illustration. Our teachers will assist students with marketing their artwork and creating a personalized website. Important factors for a successful illustration career include consistency, individuality, and marketing.

Potential careers include working with magazines, newspapers, children’s books, and movies. As well, illustration provides the base for working within animation.

Programs Admission Requirements:

Students are required to provide the institute with a portfolio of creative work to be considered in the application process. Students will be offered admission based on the strength of their portfolio.

Portfolio content and format: Portfolio must have 5-10 pages/examples of work. Work must be creative and original. Any medium is accepted: photography, media, digital art, sculpture, painting, drawing and print. The process of documentation will be required for at least one piece.


Registration Fee: $100.00

Domestic Tuition Fee: $2,880.00

International Tuition Fee: $3,880.00

Student’s Books and Material Cost: $300.00*

* Purchase through the academy is optional


6 Month Illustration Program - Part Time Certificate

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