Program Duration: 26 Weeks/252 Hours


Brief Course Description:

In this class, students will learn how to work with color and various mediums. The study of color will mark the beginning of our painting journey. Students will be familiarized with complementary, primary, and secondary colors, as well as, concepts such as hue and broken colors. Student will also be educated on color-making. Once these skills are fully attained. Students will move on to painting simple shapes and still life. Later on, they will advance painting different textures, brush strokes and more complex elements such as reflections. We provide guidance and career training as students excel within the field of painting. Our teachers will assist students with marketing their artwork and creating a personalized website. Important factors for a successful painting career include consistency, individuality, and marketing.

Potential careers include freelance painting, and working with art galleries and museums.

Programs Admission Requirements:

Students will be offered admission based on the strength of their portfolio.

Portfolio content and format: Portfolio must have 5-10 pages/examples of work. Work must be creative and original. Any medium is accepted: photography, media, digital art, sculpture, painting, drawing and print. The process of documentation will be required for at least one piece.


Registration Fee: $100.00
Domestic Tuition Fee: $2,520.00
International Tuition fee: $3,250.00
Student’s Books and Material Cost: $300.00*

* Purchase through the academy is optional

6 Month Painting Program- Part Time Certificate

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